Chief Learning Officer Magazine, 6/2007


Learning Solutions
Education Marketing as a Business Tool
Jeff Snipes and Liz Becker
Most learning leaders know that internally marketing an enterprise’s learning and development offerings can create increased engagement among employees. Marketing these offerings externally, however, can affect the bottom line through increased brand value.

Guerrilla ROI: Building a High-Impact Project Portfolio
Mark Bower
Accurate measurement of training impact can be elusive, time-consuming and expensive. Although the existing evaluation methodologies have served our industry well, we must ask whether there are other methodologies to evaluate training and performance initiatives that might serve our fast-paced business environment even better.

High-Tech Learning for Low-Tech Employees
Jim Haudan and Rich Berens
There are two new realities learning leaders must understand: High-tech learning is practical now, and traditional low-tech employees are truly high-tech learners. Today, high-tech training for low-tech jobs is about what’s possible for employees everywhere.

Human Capital
Operational Efficiency: Lessons from Global Enterprises
Kellye Whitney and Amy Wilson
From language and cultural differences to the difficulties deploying programs and initiatives to a widespread workforce, global corporations need efficient solutions to remain internationally competitive. Learn how three global enterprises — Holland American Line, JPMorgan Chase and Genpact — ensure operational efficiency across international lines.

The New Face of Workforce Integration
Tracey Malcolm and Craig Mindrum
Many senior executives are looking for new ways to integrate their most important workforces more effectively. This isn’t just “workforce collaboration” under a new name — it’s an opportunity to move beyond traditional approaches to collaboration.


CLO Profile
Sharnell Jackson: Efficiency and Technology Maven at Chicago Public Schools
Kellye Whitney
Employing instructor-led, self-paced and blended learning, the Chicago Public School system uses high-tech learning tolls of all types. At the helm of this plethora of learning technology is Sharnell Jackson, the system’s first chief e-learning officer.

Case Study
Sanford Health: Learning and Development Amid Scalpels and Stethoscopes
Lisa Rummler
Serving four states and 10,000 employees, Sanford Health’s Center for Learning & Innovation ensures the medical facility, the largest in the region, is both a place of treatment and training.

Business Intelligence
We Have to Stop Meeting Like This
Patti Phillips, Ph.D.
Organizations are beginning to require evidence of results from all types of meetings and events. As with learning events, success requires not only that the conference provider pay attention to results but also that sponsors are engaged before, during and after the event.


The Business Results of Strategic Onboarding
Nick van Dam, Ph.D.

Intangibles Rule
Jay Cross

Taking the Lead
Reinventing Leaders for the 21st Century
Richard Y. Chang, Ph.D.

Best Practices
Learning Outsourcing Marches Ahead
Josh Bersin
In Conclusion
Working In the Flat World of Learning
Jeanne C. Meister


Editor’s Letter
Listen and Learn


Using the Water Cooler Factor

The Capabilities of High-Performing Learning Organizations:
Results of a Working Knowledge Research Study

Cox Newspapers:
Bringing Paper Routes and Pressmen into the 21st Century

Building High-Impact Learning Programs

A Global Solution:
Picking an LMS for International Applicability


Original Feature:
Do We Always Need a Course to Learn?
SM Nafay Kumail and Bhupendra Bahadur Singh
Within adult education, the structure of traditional training can be a big burden. Although it is nearly impossible to think of learning without structured courseware, a lot of post-college education is actually happening through self-paced, multichannel learning.

Original Feature:
Authentic and Effective Communication
Richard J. Primo
In business, we need to know how to use authentic communication to conform our messages into open and honest statements that can be readily accepted by the receiver.

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