Costs and benefits of articulating knowledge

[German title: Kosten und Nutzen der Artikulation von Wissen]

Creating knowledge: the power and logic of articulation
Lars Håkanson
Industrial and Corporate Change, 2007 16(1):51-88; doi:10.1093/icc/dtl033
Abstract: The current interest in the tacit aspects of knowledge has diverted attention from the economic significance of its converse, explicit or articulated knowledge, and, by implication, the importance of articulation—the process through which tacit skills and knowledge are made explicit—and codification—the process of rendering articulated knowledge in fixed, standardized and easily replicable form. In partial alignment with the literature on “distributed cognition” the article outlines a general model of articulation as a process involving the interplay of three elements: “theory,” “codes,” and “tools” in communities ranging in size from small groups to entire industries. The costs and benefits of articulation are discussed, drawing attention to how these may be affected by institutional and organizational design.

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