Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, 5 (2), 2007 (Special issue: ICICKM’06 conference)

[German title: Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, 5 (2), 2007 (Sonderausgabe: ICICKM’06 Konferenz)]

Dan Remenyi  

The Dissemination and Adoption of Knowledge Management Practices Behavioural Model
Raul M. Abril 131
Knowledge Management in the Brazilian Organizational Context: a shift towards the concept of “Ba”
Rivadávia C. Drummond de Alvarenga Neto  143
An Insight into Knowledge Flow in Biomedical Engineering Science
A.A Arntzen-Bechina and C.A.D Leguy  153
The Story of Knowledge: Writing Stories that Guide Organizations into the Future
John P Girard and Sandra Lambert  161
Tacit Knowledge Revisited – We Can Still Learn from Polanyi
Kenneth A. Grant  173
Intellectual Capital Management as Part of Knowledge Management Initiatives at Institutions of Higher Learning
Andrew Kok  181
Intangible Assets Identification and Valuation – a theoretical framework approach to the Portuguese Airlines companies
IlÍdio Tomás Lopes and Ana Maria Gomes Rodrigues  193

Comparison of Approaches toward Formalizing Context: Implementation Characteristics and Capacities
William Loyola  203

Becoming a “Sense-and-Respond” Academic and Government Organization
Elizabeth McDaniel, Mary McCully and Robert D. Childs  215

An Analysis of Collaborative Group Structure Technological Facilitation from a Knowledge Management Perspective
Kevin J.ÓSullivan and Syed W. Azeem  223

Sharing Knowledge in the Organization: a Retrospective Analysis and an Empirical Study
Haris Papoutsakis  231

In Search of an Intellectual Capital Comprehensive Theory
José MarÍa Viedma MartÍ  245

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