Inside Knowledge Magazine, 10 (8), 2007

Editor’s letter: Insecure by design?
On the face of it, there isn’t a strong relationship between the concept of information security and the ideal of a ‘KM culture’. 


EI Cover feature: Fixed content storage 
Fixed-content storage systems are a relatively new but increasingly popular weapon in the battle to ensure that unstructured data archives remain highly accessible.

EI Case study: Worcestershire County Council 
The drive towards e-government in the UK is reaching maturity. Worcestershire County Council is beginning to scan many vital documents, starting with its Public Rights of Way unit. By Heidi McIntosh.

EI Book review: Making Search Work 
What’s the problem with search? Type in your search term, peruse the responses, then click on the best one. Easy.

EI Workshop: Master-data management 
Having recognised the need for master-data management what is the appropriate architecture for a company? By Mike Fleckenstein.

Feature: KM culture 
Changing an organisational culture to embrace knowledge sharing and collaboration is easier said than done.

Case study: Nationwide 
Coffee, camcorders, conversation and PowerPoint. A practical approach to learning and capturing knowledge in Nationwide’s Property Services Department.


Thought leader: The treacherous path of the CKO 
OFTEN knowledge management (KM) seems akin to the pursuit of the mythical Holy Grail. There’s the promise of immense benefits and untold riches, but the journey will always be eventful and, even then, the ultimate goal may be elusive.

The knowledge: Nigel Paine 
As the pace of change continues to increase and companies strive to maintain competitive advantage, talent is becoming the key differential. Technologist Nigel Paine talks about the roles of knowledge management, learning, innovation and creativity.

Opinion: Delivery problems 
Are your organisation’s online products and services just a little too bulky? Take a look at iTunes for inspiration. By Lynda Rathbone.

Masterclass: Identifying KM objectives 
Identifying the top-three objectives of a knowledge management programme is a crucial prerequisite for success. By Stan Garfield.

Knowledgeworks: Shaving the fuzz 
A short guide to KM implementation in two handy pages. By Jerry Ash.

EI Last word: The real fraud? 
Identity fraud has been overhyped and overplayed. The truth is much more mundane – and largely out of ordinary people’s hands. By Frank Nesbitt.

EI Book review: The Website Manager’s Handbook 
The best-run websites clearly are managed very well – Amazon, other big-name e-commerce operators and major newspaper and media groups all have very strong web offerings that are clearly underpinned by sound management practices.

Case study: Linklaters 
The road to a standalone, internal knowledge resource at international law firm Linklaters. By Matthew Parsons and CJ Anderson.

Case report: General Motors 
General Motors combines BP, LO, KM, DFSS. With all those acronyms, what’s not to like, asks IK special correspondent Jerry Ash.

The Gurteen perspective: Cafe culture 
I was recently in Jakarta, Indonesia, where I ran a two-day knowledge sharing workshop for a client that included a knowledge café and, as I often do when abroad, I ran an open Gurteen knowledge café on one of the evenings.

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