Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, 8 (S1: BIOPoM 2006 conference), 2007

[German title: Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, 8 (S1: BIOPoM 2006 Konferenz), 2007]

Special Issue: Centre for Business Information, Organisation & Process Management (BIOPoM) 1st International Conference 2006, University of Westminster, London UK, June 29, 2006  (Guest Editor: Dr. Elayne Coakes)

 Elayne Coakes

Blog Or Not To Blog: Understanding And Overcoming The Challenge Of Knowledge Sharing
 Alex Ramirez

Supporting Innovation: Communities Of Practice And Change
 Elayne Coakes, Peter A.C. Smith

Transformation Procurement In The Immigration Directorate: Applying Sveiby
 Elayne Coakes, Nanette Young

A Review Of Business Intelligence Approaches To Key Business Factors In Banking
 Goran Radonic, Katarina Curko

A Text Mining Approach For Automatic Taxonomy Generation And Text Categorisation
 Nara Pais, Fefie Dotska, James Shearer

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