Knowledge and Process Management, 14 (2), 2007

Newcomers’ use of colleagues as role models: research propositions for investigative thinking styles of law enforcement detectives (p 71-80)
Cathrine Filstad, Geoff Dean, Ivar Andre Fahsing, Petter Gottschalk

Learning to share knowledge in the Italian motorsport industry (p 81-94)
Francesca Mariotti

The role of the translator/interpreter in knowledge transfer environments (p 95-103)
Jocelyn Cranefield, Pak Yoong

Using structuration theory to analyze knowledge and process management in a consortium: a case study (p 104-116)
Ping Gao

An international taxicab evaluation: comparing Tokyo with London, New York and Paris (p 117-130)
Walter Skok, Satoko Kobayashi

Towards a learning organisation: the application of process-based knowledge maps to asset management (a case study) (p 131-143)
John P. Keane, Kevin D. Barber, J. Eduardo Munive-Hernandez

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