Knowledge in the classroom: Explicit knowledge at the expense of implicit equivalents

[German title: Wissen im Klassenzimmer: Explizites Wissen auf Kosten der impliziten Äquivalente]

Knowledge for Real: On implicit and explicit representations and education
Author: Theresa S. S. Schilhab a
Published in:  Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research, Volume 51, Issue 3 July 2007 , pages 223 – 238

Abstract: Explicit knowledge is highly valued in the traditional educational system at the expense of implicit equivalents. Why is this? Are we right to so value it? To provide an answer I attempt to characterise the relation between representations and referents of implicit and explicit knowledge. Whereas explicit representations are detached from referents and so “inauthentic”, implicit representations are analogous to referents and more “authentic”. The notion of authenticity frames to what extent critical properties such as transferability to different contexts and conveyance between agents, which seem vital to class teaching, are met by implicit and explicit knowledge. 

Keywords: Implicit knowledge; Explicit knowledge; Evolution; Authenticity 

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