Knowledge Networks: methodology with templates and case studies

[German title: Wissensnetzwerke: Vorgehensweise mit Vorlagen und Fallstudien

Back, A. et al. (Eds.): Knowledge Networks for Business Growth. Berlin u. a.: Springer, 2007. XII, 226 S., ISBN: 978-3-540-33072-1 (hkb)

Abstract: Companies are constantly searching for new ways of creating higher profit and a larger market share. Growth seems to be the most appropriate tactic for surviving economically in difficult times. New instruments and methods as a support to a company’s growth strategy can be essential in gaining a competitive advantage. Knowledge management is one of the answers to this challenge. It can support strategic goals such as the improvement of efficiency, the minimization of risk and an increase in innovation, but also has inherent potentials which have not been leveraged yet.
The first part of the book contains three case studis which illustrate the idea of knowledge networks for growth. The step-by-step methodology of the second part shows the reader how to build up and maintain these networks . The templates in the last part of the book ease the adaptation of networks for the reader’s own company or his or her specific business needs.

Written for: Practitioners

Editors: Back, Andrea; Enkel, Ellen; Krogh, Georg von

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