Measures for assessing knowledge equivalence and shared knowledge

[German title: Maße zur Bewertung der Annäherung von Wissen und geteiltem Wissen]

Knowledge convergence in collaborative learning: Concepts and assessment
Armin Weinberger, Karsten Stegmanna and Frank Fischera
Learning and Instruction, Volume 17, Issue 4, August 2007, Pages 416-426

Abstract: In collaborative learning the question has been raised as to how learners in small groups influence one another and converge or diverge with respect to knowledge. Knowledge convergence can be conceptualised as knowledge equivalence and as shared knowledge prior to, during, and subsequent to collaborative learning. Knowledge equivalence refers to learners becoming more similar to their learning partners with regard to the extent of their individual knowledge. Shared knowledge means that learners have knowledge on the very same concepts as their learning partners. In this article, we provide measures for assessing both, knowledge equivalence and shared knowledge.

Keywords: Knowledge convergence; Shared knowledge; Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning; Collaborative learning

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