Recent research on knowledge and learning in economic geography

[German title: Neuste Forschung über Wissen und Lernen in der Wirtschaftsgeographie]

Paul Vallance
Rethinking Economic Geographies of Knowledge
Geography Compass, Volume 1, Issue 4, pages 797–813, July 2007.

Abstract: This article reviews recent research on knowledge and learning in economic geography that moves away from established regional development approaches. This conventional position is briefly outlined, focusing on the fixity of tacit knowledge in local inter-firm relations and institutions, within settings such as clusters and learning regions. The literature that I focus on here explores a range of alternative ways to conceptualise learning processes and the movement of knowledge in the global economy. In this article, I identify and discuss two cross-theoretical themes within this literature. The first theme examines the diversity of learning processes in different types of organisational and spatial setting. The second theme considers the circulation of mobile forms of knowledge across geographical space. Together these trends suggest the emergence of multiple economic geographies of knowledge.

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