Status, personal ties, and proximity as factors for knowledge transfer

[German title: Status, persönliche Bindungen und Nähe als Einflussfaktoren für Wissenstransfer]

Exploring knowledge transfer mechanisms: The case of a UK-based group within a high-tech global corporation
Sajjad M. Jasimuddin 
International Journal of Information Management, Volume 27, Issue 4, August 2007, Pages 294-300

Abstract: Knowledge transfer constitutes a strategic area of knowledge management research. However, little is known about the circumstances under which one particular mechanism is the most appropriate and the other one is not. To address these issues, the present study reports the result from a large multinational corporation involved in software development. This paper yields some very interesting findings concerning knowledge transfer mechanisms in a real-world setting, investigating why its software engineers employ one mechanism than the other. The findings imply that the three key variables, namely status, personal ties, and proximity, act as a powerful force in exploring an appropriate knowledge transfer mechanism, which based on case evidence leads to an interesting decision tree of media user for different transfer situations.

Keywords: Knowledge management; Knowledge transfer; Knowledge; Mechanisms

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