2007 APQC’s Knowledge Management conference presentations

[German title: Präsentationen der Wissensmanagement-Konferenz 2007 des APQC]

APQC’s annual KM conference’07, 12th Knowledge Management Conference of the APQC, Huston, TX, USA

APQC held its annual knowledge management (KM) conference and training May 7-11. This year’s conference focused on the integration of knowledge management and innovation. More than 250 attendees were in Houston last month for the opportunity to network with and learn from some of the leading names in knowledge management and innovation.


  • The Eole of Knowledge Management in Innovation – O’Dell
  • Communities: Hotbeds of Innovation at IBM – Kraft, Suarez, Sullivan
  • Drilling for Knowledge: Developing Knowledge Replication – Perry, Vestal
  • Sharing, Learning, Improving: BHP Billiton’s Journey…- Goodwin 
  • Engineers Learned to Share Well With Others – DeGard
  • Advancing Knowledge Management at Sprint Nextel – Gross
  • Alcoa’s Best Practice Transfer Program – Grey, Reilly
  • Perseverance Pays Off in KM – Lekowski, Friesth, Hunter
  • How Do You Know That? Who Told You So? – Gorry
  • Breaking the Black Box of Innovation – Anthony
  • Core Practices to Elicit and convert Tacit Knowledge – Ledbetter, Dixon
  • Innovation Open Standards Benchmarking Collaborative – Brown
  • A Knowledge Management Maturity Model – Patrizi, Levin
  • Carrier Team One Knowledge Management: The Challenges – Blanton, Burke
  • The Promise of Passion of Collective Wisdom – Majchrzak

View the presentations online.


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