Inside Knowledge Magazine, 10 (9), 2007

Editor’s letter: Community care


Feature: KM gurus 
The guru – or ‘wise man’ – has held a special fascination for different cultures throughout history. Stories picture seekers of knowledge fording rivers and ascending perilous mountains in a bid to find the one person who can provide the wisdom they seek. Today, those seekers of knowledge might attend a conference, read a blog or even drop their favoured guru an e-mail.

Case study: The Australian Defence Force 
The TARDIS holds the key to knowledge productivity at the Australian Defence Force – despite an unusually high rate of staff turnover.

Case report: Fluor 
Fluor is a serial award-winner for its knowledge-management systems. Jerry Ash examines the strategy that has made Fluor such a famous name in KM.

Cover story: Building healthy communities 
Richard McDermott presents the results of an in-depth study into the key factors behind the successes – and failures – of communities of practice.


EI cover feature: Federated records management 
Federated records management promises to help organisations manage a bigger volume of records than ever – across a range of source applications. By Jessica Twentyman.

Knowledgeworks: Slipping up 
When a KM programme has been completed, it still requires ongoing leadership to keep it from slipping up, says Jerry Ash.

The knowledge: Sam Marshall 
With his understanding of the technical and cultural impediments to collaboration, Sam Marshall’s ambition is to purge organisations of the systems and processes that erode the enthusiasm we have for our work.

Opinion: Practically speaking 
Widgets, gadgets, badges and blidgets. What are they and what can they do for you? By Lynda Rathbone

Book review: Coaching the Team at Work 
Coaching has, in many respects, come to be regarded as a universal panacea to many organisational challenges. But how much do we know about how coaching works and to what extent it can impact on organisational improvement and learning?

The Gurteen perspective: Just do it! 
Have you ever read any of the many self-help books that tell you that if you wish to succeed or get something done you should just start doing it? One of my favourite quotes on this matter is from author Julie Cameron where she says, “leap and the net will appear”. I’ve come to believe this is true.

Thought leader: Ten mistakes transformational leaders make 
Why did presidential candidate Al Gore fail so badly in 2000, yet become a big hit in 2006? Simple – he failed to understand the language of leadership during the election and committed ten common leadership mistakes.

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