International Journal of Knowledge and Learning, 3 (1), 2007

1 – 11 How social motivation enhances economic activity and incentives in the Google Answers knowledge sharing market
Sheizaf Rafaeli, Daphne R. Raban, Gilad Ravid

12 – 29 Reflections on resource-based learning environments: continuing the exploration of opportunities and obstacles
Janette R. Hill

30 – 45 Keywords linking method for selecting educational web resources a la ZigZag
Mirjana Andric, Vladan Devedzic, Wendy Hall, Leslie Carr

46 – 75 The ROSA project: leveraging e-learning to a semantic layer
Fabio Porto, Ana Maria De Carvalho Moura, Fabio Jose Coutinho Da Silva, Adriana Pereira Fernandez

76 – 87 Qualitative and quantitative study of police investigative thinking styles
Geoff Dean, Ivar Andre Fahsing, Petter Gottschalk

88 – 105 Knowledge flow management supporting complex problem solving: learning spectrum and its infrastructure
Wanchun Dou, Xiping Liu, Guihai Chen, S.C. Cheung, Shijie Cai

106 – 120 An integrated e-learning system for simulation-based instruction of anaesthesia machines
Sanghyun S. Jeon, Gilliean Lee, Samsun (Sem) Lampotang, Stanley Y.W. Su

121 – 138 Interorganisational knowledge transfer: the role of the gatekeeper
Jocelyn Cranefield, Pak Yoong

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