International Journal of Knowledge Management, 3 (3), 2007

Mapping the Knowledge Management Domain of Ideas: Evidence from a Practice Group 1-25
Hornett, A.; Stein, E. W.

The Key Requirements for Deploying Knowledge Management Services in a Semantic Grid Environment 104-118
Mohamed, M.; Stankosky, M.; Ribière, V.

Knowledge Chain Activity Classes: Impacts on Competitiveness and the Importance of Technology Support 26-45
Holsapple, C. W.; Jones, K. G.

Impact of Chinese Culture Calues on Knowledge Sharing Through Online Communities of Practice 46-59
Li, W.; Ardichvili, A.; Maurer, M.; Wentling, T.; Stuedemann, R.

Tacit Knowledge: Conceptualizations and Operationalizations 60-73
Taylor, H.

The Quality of Knowledge: Knowledge Patterns and Knowledge Refactorings 74-103
Rech, J.; Decker, B.; Ras, E.; Jedlitschka, A.; Feldmann, R. L.

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