Journal of Knowledge Management, 11 (4), 2007

The knowledge landscape
Journal: Journal of Knowledge Management Vol : 11  Issue: 4
Author(s):Rory L. Chase

Exploring the knowledge landscape: four emerging views of knowledge
(pp. 6-19)
Keywords: Knowledge management, Publications
ArticleType:Literature review

The role of knowledge management in innovation
Marina du Plessis (pp. 20-29)
Keywords: Innovation, Knowledge management

Cultural space and technology enhance the knowledge process
Dimitris Lamproulis (pp. 30-44)
Keywords: Artefacts, Communication technologies, Innovation, Knowledge management, Knowledge processes, Organizational culture
ArticleType:Research paper

Organizational structure features supporting knowledge management processes
Enrique Claver-Cortés, Patrocinio Zaragoza-Sáez, Eva Pertusa-Ortega (pp. 45-57)
Keywords: Competitive advantage, Knowledge management, Knowledge processes, Organizational structures
ArticleType:Case study

Transfer of socially complex knowledge in mergers and acquisitions
Carmen Castro Casal, Edelmira Neira Fontela (pp. 58-71)
Keywords: Acquisitions and mergers, Integration, Knowledge transfer, Spain
ArticleType:Research paper

Promoting people-focused knowledge management: the case of IDOM
Nekane Aramburu, Josune Sáenz (pp. 72-81)
Keywords: Knowledge management systems, Knowledge sharing, Learning organizations, Organizational culture, Socialization, Spain
ArticleType:Case study

Knowledge management among the older workforce
Floor Slagter (pp. 82-96)
Keywords: Critical success factors, Knowledge management, Older workers, Organizational culture
ArticleType:General review

Rapid knowledge work visualization for organizations
Markus Strohmaier, Stefanie Lindstaedt (pp. 97-111)
Keywords: Knowledge management, Knowledge management systems
ArticleType:Research paper

Visual representations in knowledge management: framework and cases
Martin J. Eppler, Remo A. Burkhard (pp. 112-122)
Keywords: Knowledge creation, Knowledge transfer, Maps, Metaphors
ArticleType:Research paper

Mechanisms of tacit knowing: pattern recognition and synthesis
William H.A. Johnson (pp. 123-139)
Keywords: Knowledge management, Pattern recognition, Tacit knowledge
ArticleType:Research paper

A systematic approach for knowledge auditing: a case study in transportation sector
C.F. Cheung, M.L. Li, W.Y. Shek, W.B. Lee, T.S. Tsang (pp. 140-158)
Keywords: Auditing, Hong Kong, Knowledge management, Railways, Social networks, Transportation
ArticleType:Research paper

Conference report 2006 KMWorld Conference Review
Jay Chatzkel (pp. 159-166)
Keywords: Knowledge management, Social networks
ArticleType:General review

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