Journal of Organizational Change Management, 20 (4), 2007 – interesting articles

[German title: Journal of Organizational Change Management , 20 (4), 2007 – interessante Artikel]

Knowledge workers in the in-between: network identities  
Tara Fenwick (pp. 509-524) 

Purpose – This paper seeks to examine the identities and subjectivities of independent knowledge workers who contract their services to organizations. Two questions are addressed: who are these enterprising knowledge workers, in terms of how they understand and position themselves relative to organizational structures, practices and social relations in their work as “inside outsiders”? How do they recognize their own constitution, and what spaces for agency are possible?

Keywords: Contract workers, Knowledge management, Networking 

ArticleType:Research paper 

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Knowledge management in a New Zealand tree farming company: Ambiguity and resistance to the “technology solution”  
Alan Lowe, Andrea McIntosh (pp. 539-558) 

Purpose – Managers at the company attempt to implement a knowledge management information system in an attempt to avoid loss of expertise while improving control and efficiency. The paper seeks to explore the implications of the technological solution to employees within the company.

Keywords: Case studies, Control, Forestry, Interviews, Knowledge management, New Zealand 

ArticleType:Research paper 

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Responding to crisis through strategic knowledge management  
Duncan Shaw, Matthew Hall, John S. Edwards, Brad Baker (pp. 559-578) 

Purpose – Many managers would like to take a strategic approach to preparing the organisation to avoid impending crisis but instead find themselves fire-fighting to mitigate its impact. This paper seeks to examine an organisation which made major strategic changes in order to respond to the full effect of a crisis which would be realised over a two to three year period. At the root of these changes was a strategic approach to managing knowledge. The paper’s purpose is to reflect on managers’ views of the impact this strategy had on preparing for the crisis and explore what happened in the organisation during and after the crisis.

Keywords: Change management, Knowledge management, Strategic planning 

ArticleType:Case study

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