K Street Directions, 5 (7), 2007

The Character of KM
Back in the day, one of us was able to attend the first International Knowledge Management Summit, in San Diego. It was June of 1998…more

Neat or Scruffy?
Management and Technology Consultant Jim McGee recently blogged about this fundamental division in the ranks of KM practitioners…more

Street Smarts 047
Of all the double-edged technologies that have forced their way into our lives, none is more pervasive than email…more

KM in the Public Sector
Based on a survey taken at this year’s E-Gov Knowledge Management Conference, the public sector may be making some progress in Knowledge Management…more

The Machine is Us
Among the many, many things that have been written about Web 2.0 (whatever that may or may not be) there’s a very effective little video…more

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