KMWorld Magazine, 16 (7), 2007


Speaking in tongues: Foreign language KM Technologies
Recently, I was listening to a show on NPR about the current U.S. reconstruction efforts in Iraq and all the problems they’ve had, ranging from understanding the language to finding locations on a map. That got me thinking about the great foreign language support tools that I’ve worked with over the past six years.
– by Greg Pepus

Taking Control of the e-discovery process
Without good planning, organizations may not be ready for the challenges of the e-discovery process. Among those difficulties are the huge quantities of electronic data, the myriad formats in which the data is stored, and the requirements in the amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) to produce any documents that are “reasonably accessible.”
– by Judith Lamont

Multichannel data capture matures
Data capture is steadily becoming more intelligent and flexible, and customers are enjoying substantial productivity enhancements from the technology improvements. In particular, invoice recognition and handwriting recognition have both taken off, benefiting from today’s more sophisticated software.
– by Judith Lamont

Whether by air, rail or highway, transportation gets a boost from KM
Transportation companies are relying on knowledge management to track fleets, maximize revenues and reduce operating costs, as well as to gain other benefits.
– by Phil Britt

Document Capture Product Roundup:

  • Brainware, Inc.
  • Microsoft Corporation


Enterprise customer engagement

LogiXML releases upgrade
LogiXML adds GIS integration

Contextware and Triple-I partner
Expanding KM and project management offerings


Business Objects gains Inxight
– by Robert Smallwood

Innovation Strategy: Toss old rules
– by Cindy Gordon

Whose fault is it, anyway?
– by Hugh McKellar

Unclear and indistinct … and uncertain
– by David Weinberger
From The Editor 
The adoption rate blues
– by Hugh McKellar

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