Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 5 (2), 2007

Editorial 73-74
John S Edwards


The development of an instrument to measure readiness for knowledge management 75-92
Daniel T Holt, Summer E Bartczak, Steven W Clark and Martin R Trent

Towards a model to explain knowledge sharing in complex organizational environments 93-109
Rachelle Bosua and Rens Scheepers

Who needs memory? the case for the Markovian organisation 110-116
Jonathan Klein, Con Connell and Sajjad Jasimuddin

Fostering learning – the role of mediators 117-125
Annukka Jyrämä and Anne Äyväri

The value creation cycle: moving towards a framework for knowledge management implementation 126-135
Nikhil Mehta

A contingency view on knowledge transfer: empirical evidence from the software industry 136-150
Thomas Hutzschenreuter and Florian Listner


A system of five object types of a posteriori knowledge 151-153
Heiner Müller-Merbach


Knowledge Leadership: The Art and Science of the Knowledge-Based Organization 154-156
Elayne Coakes

Reviewers 2006 157-158

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Copyright © 2007 Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.

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