A Delphi study of the roles and scope of knowledge management systems

[German title: Eine Delphi-Studie über Rollen und Umfang von Wissensmanagementsystemen]

A Delphi study of knowledge management systems: Scope and requirements
Dorit Nevoa and Yolande E. Chan
Information & Management, Volume 44, Issue 6, September 2007, Pages 583-597

Abstract: We empirically explored the roles and scope of knowledge management systems in organizations. Building on a knowledge-based view of the firm, we hypothesized and empirically tested our belief that more integration is needed between technologies intended to support knowledge and those supporting business operations. Findings from a Delphi study and in-depth interviews illustrated this and led us to suggest a revised approach to developing organizational knowledge management systems.

Keywords: Knowledge management systems; Knowledge-based view; Delphi methodology; Interviews

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