A typology of Knowledge Management and strategic business networks

[German title: Eine Typologie des Wissensmanagement und strategischer Unternehmensnetzwerke]

Title: Knowledge management in different types of strategic SME networks 
Author(s): Katri Valkokari, Nina Helander 
Journal: Management Research News 
ISSN: 0140-9174 
Year: 2007 Volume: 30 Issue: 8 Page: 597 – 608 
DOI: 10.1108/01409170710773724 
Publisher: Barmarick Publications 

Abstract: Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to bridge the knowledge management (KM) and strategic business network literatures from the viewpoint of SMEs.
Design/methodology/approach – This paper presents a typology of KM and strategic business networks; thus the paper is based on a literature review and analysis.
Findings – The paper provides a typology of the strategic SME network types and their key KM challenges based on a synthesis of existing literature.
Research limitations/implications – It is suggested that longitudinal case studies of KM practices in strategic SME networks should be conducted. An empirical multi-case study has already been started.
Originality/value – The presented SME network typology can benefit SME managers facing networking and KM challenges. Besides, it is suggested that a common strategy should be developed for all types of networks to enable the creation of knowledge-based competencies and capabilities. 

Keywords: Business policy, Knowledge management, Networking 

Article Type: Literature review

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