Call for Papers: USE-2008, Oulu, Finland

[German title: Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: USE-2008, Oulu, Finland (Translate text to: Deutsch)]

USE-2008: From Information Provision to Knowledge Production conference. Oulu, Finland, June 23-25, 2008

Call for Papers

The international conference USE-2008 aims at addressing issues related to theoretical conceptions and empirical applications of research on information use in knowledge production processes at different levels of activity in society.

Submissions are invited on all topics concerning information use in knowledge production processes, e.g.

  • knowledge management and the research of paradigms of information studies
  • knowledge creation as a research object of information studies
  • theoretical aspects and models of knowledge creation and production, the perspective of information studies
  • theoretical and empirical issues of information use
  • methodologies in knowledge behaviour, practices and use, including aspects of information literacy
  • information seeking and interactive information retrieval in knowledge production innovativeness and knowledge processes
  • creativity and innovations
  • knowledge-based economy, knowledge production and information professionals
  • knowledge production, information, content, documentation, and the materialities

Submissions may be of three types:

  1. Papers. The submission should be of 4500–5000 words maximum. The duration of the paper presentation is 20-25 minutes. Submissions are peer reviewed.
  2. Poster presentations for doctoral research projects in progress. The submissions should be of 500–750 words. Poster presentations will be peer reviewed on the same criteria as paper presentations.
  3. Panels. The submission should be of 1500–2000 words. Submissions will be peer reviewed on the same criteria as paper and poster presentations.

The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2007. Presenters will be notified of acceptance by February 13, 2008.  

For further information go to the conference website.

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