Inside Knowledge Magazine, 10 (10), 2007


The internet revolution


The knowledge: Debra Amidon 
Debra Amidon is arguably one of the most original and prolific writers and thinkers studying knowledge innovation zones – and much, much more. By Graeme Burton.

Masterclass: Change management 
Andrew MacNeil has more than ten years experience in change management with drinks giant Diageo. In the first of a two-part masterclass, he introduces the subject and just what it is that makes change management so challenging.

Case report: HP Services Consulting & Integration, pt two 
This narrative was told to Jerry Ash during interviews for the case report on Guerilla KM. It is presented here in Gent’s own words. By Andrew Gent and Jerry Ash.

Case report: HP Services Consulting & Integration, pt one 
‘Guerrilla knowledge management’ may be an unconventional and imperfect approach, but it does provide fast and cheap innovation. By Jerry Ash.

EI workshop: Master-data management, part IV 
In today’s data-integration mix, where does master-data management fit in? By Mike Fleckenstein


Cover story: Loud and clear 
The ‘cult of youth’ is being replaced with a realisation that older staff can boast much more experience and corporate knowledge. How can organisations pass that knowledge on when such experienced staff leave or retire?

Book review: Knowledge Creation and Management 
ANYONE WHO has worked in knowledge management (KM) for any length of time will probably have a well-thumbed copy of Harvard Business Review on Knowledge Management somewhere on a shelf. By Tom Knight

Opinion: Just say no! (please) 
When you’re searching for something elusive, sometimes it would be nice to be told it simply isn’t there. By Lynda Rathbone.

Knowledgeworks: KM for franchisers 
Is knowledge management applicable to an atomised business such as franchising? Not just applicable, but essential. By Jerry Ash.

The Gurteen perspective: Conference time 
I recently chaired the Ark Group’s KCUK conference in London for the second year and, as with all conferences in which I am involved, I wanted to make it as interactive and engaging as possible.

Case study: Welsh Assembly Government 
Knowledge management is actively thought about and discussed at the Welsh Assembly Government, thanks to its comprehensive KM tools. By Galvin Doyle.

Last word: Ghosts in the machine 
You don’t give a key to your house or office to just anyone, so why are many organisations still unaware of the information risks posed by privileged accounts and passwords?

EI cover story: Web 2.0 
Web 2.0 is changing people’s expectations of the web experience. Increasingly, users expect every website to be more like Facebook or Amazon, but meeting such high expectations on a modest budget is a major challenge.

EI case study: Open University 
The Open University is midway through a major enterprise content-management software implementation, but already there are many lessons that can be learnt. By Jed Cawthorne

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