International Journal of Knowledge Management, 3 (4), 2007

Knowledge Fusion: A Framework for extending the Rigor and Relevance of Knowledge Management
# Pages: pp. 1-17
Authors: Keen, Peter; Tan, Margaret
Affiliations: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Information Technology in value shop Activities: An exploratory study of Knowledge Reuse in Norwegian Police investigations
# Pages: pp. 111-122
Authors: Glomseth, Rune; Gottschalk, Petter
Affiliations: Norwegian Police Unviersity College, Norway; Norwegian School of Management, Norway

A structurational Analysis of users and Management in a Knowledge Management system Project implementation
# Pages: pp. 18-36
Authors: Chen, Charlie C.; Shang, Rong-An; Harris, Albert
Affiliations: Appalachian State University, USA; Soochow University, Taiwan

Knowledge Management and organizational Performance in the egyptian software Firms
# Pages: pp. 37-66
Authors: Seleim, Ahmed; Khalil, Omar
Affiliations: Alexandria University, Egypt; Kuwait University, Kuwait

Developing Knowledge Management systems from a Knowledge-Based and Multi-Agent Approach
# Pages: pp. 67-83
Authors: Vizacaino, Aurora; Soto, Juan Pablo; Portillo-Rodrigues, Javier; Piattini, Mariio
Affiliations: Alarcos Research Group, University of Castilla-la Mancha, Spain

Managing Knowledge capabilities for strategy implementation effectiveness
# Pages: pp. 84-110
Authors: Digman, L.A.; Lee, Sang M.; Paisittanand, Sineenad
Affiliations: Bangkok University, Thailand; University of Nebraska, USA

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