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Dreaming of KM services
I have a dream … about building composite knowledge management applications. In my dream, I open a Web browser and quickly pull together the KM application and data components I need in a real-time, customized fashion to do whatever business functions I have in mind. But is this just a dream?
– by Greg Pepus

Keeping pace with compliance
Compliance is marked by ever-increasing complexity and an abundance of information. Software solutions are helping to ease the burden by automating and documenting the processes that are required for compliance.
– by Judith Lamont

Roundtable Discussion: E-Discovery

KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2007
Assembling this list is never easy, but for the editorial colleagues, analysts, integrators and select group of users who chose which products belong on it, this year has been especially difficult.
– by Hugh McKellar

Calling on KM to keep telecoms prosperous
As the telecommunications industry has evolved to include data, video and Internet communications, as well as voice, the provider landscape has become more complex.
– by Phil Britt

Trend-Setting Products of 2007:

Abbyy, adenin, Attensity, Brainware
Abbyy: FlexiCapture 8.0, adenin: IntelliEnterprise, Attensity: Text Analytics Suite, Brainware: IDC-distiller

ClearStory, Clearview Software, Collexis, Connectbeam
ClearStory: Enterprise Media Server OEM Edition, Clearview Software: Clearview 4, Collexis: Collexis Search, Connectbeam: Social Software Appliance

Connotate, Copyright Clearance Center, Coveo, eGain
Connotate: Agent Community GEN2.0, Copyright Clearance Center: Rightsphere, Coveo: Coveo Audio Visual Search, eGAin: eGain OnDemand

EMC, Exsys, Global 360, Grokker
EMC: Enterprise Content Integration Services , Exsys: Corvid, Global 360: G360 Enterprise PM Suite, Grokker: Grokker Search

Infinity Info Systems, Intellisearch, ISYS, KANA
Infinity Info Systems: Contact Management Solutions, IntelliSearch: IntelliSearc Platform 2.0, ISYS: ISYS 8 Enterprise Search Suite, KANA: Response for Email Management

Trend-Setting Products of 2007: Kofax, Engenium, Mircosoft, Noetix
Kofax: Document Exchange Server, Engenium: Conceptual Search and Automatic Clustering, Microsoft®: Office SharePoint® Server 2007, Noetix: Enterprise Technology Suite

Northern Light, Open Text, PaperThin, QL2
Northern Light: SinglePoint, Open Text: Livelink ECM—Records Management, PaperThin: CommonSpot 5.0, QL2 Software: WebQL

SAP, SAVO, SpringCM, Tower Software
SAP: SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search, SAVO: Sales Enablement On Demand, SpringCM: On Demand Document Management, TOWER Software: TRIM Context 6

Wordmap, Zylab
Wordmap: Wordmap Intelligent Text Classifier, ZyLAB: ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform


Publishing solution from Schemalogic
Business semantics management

Workflow enriches DAM
ClearStory adds new capabilities to ActiveMedia

XyEnterprise unleashes more features
Support for nearly all unstructured data

DM and workflow on demand
SpringCM releases V. 3.9


The adversity of knowledge
I’m years late getting to Jack Welch’s Jack: Straight from the Gut. I had to read it for a project I was working on recently, and I’m glad I did, but not so much for what he says.
– by David Weinberger

The Collaboration 3.0 approach
– by Jonathan B. Spira

The experience economy expands
– by Cindy Gordon


Breaking the lessons-learned barrier
A key ingredient in fast learning is capturing and sharing lessons-learned. That means continually assessing what’s working, what’s not working and finding ways to improve.
by Art Murray , Jeff Lesher

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