Knowledge Management for Development Journal, 3 (1), 2007 – Special: Stewarding technologies in development

[German title: KM4D Journal, 3 (1), 2007 (Sonderausgabe: Begleitende Technologien in der Entwicklungshilfe ]

Special Topic: ‘Stewarding technologies for collaboration, community building and knowledge sharing in development.’


Editorial: Stewarding technologies for collaboration, community building and knowledge sharing in development 
Nancy White, Beth Kanter, Partha Sarker, Oreoluwa Somolu, Beverly Trayner, Brenda Zulu, Lucie Lamoureux 2-4


Users and tools: the art of matchmaking. Challenges in choosing appropriate online collaboration tools for development professionals and practitioners 
Vic Klabbers,Nynke Kruiderink 5-25

Limitations of knowledge sharing in academia. A case from Nigeria 
Oluwaseyitanfunmi Osunade,Foluso Phillips Oluwaseun,Ojo Oluwasesin 26-34

The personal research portal: web 2.0 driven individual commitment with open access for development 
Ismael Peña-López 35-48

Case Studies

Development through Dialogue. A showcase of Dgroups from three perspectives; institutional, project and capacity development level 
Titi Akinsamni,Andrea Aranguren,Manju Chatani,Nynke Kruiderink,Theresa Stanton 49-67

Using ICTs for knowledge sharing and collaboration: an international experience based on Bellanet’s work in the South 
Margarita Salas Guzmán 68-78

Web2.0 supported rural communities: a case study from Portugal 
Josien Kapma 79-92

‘Healthcare Information for All by 2015’: a community of purpose facilitated by Reader-Focused Moderation 
Neil Pakenham-Walsh 93-108

Citizen sourcing in the public interest 
Lars Hasselblad Torres 134-145


Technology stewardship in the face of a crisis. An interview with Dina Mehta 
Beth Kanter,Nancy White 109-114


Using a dgroup with third party online applications for a cause 
Giacomo Rambaldi 115-125

A stealth transformation: introducing wikis to the UN 
Anna Maron,Mikel Maron 126-130

Community Notes

Community Notes. Blogs: lessons from a rookie 
Michelle Laurie 131-133

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