Knowledge and Process Management, 14 (3), 2007 (Special: Intercultural Knowledge Management)

[German title: Knowledge and Process Management, 14 (3), 2007 (Spezialausgabe: Interkulturelles Wissensmanagement)]

Special Issue: Managing Knowledge Within and Across Geographic Borders: The Role of Culture.  Edited by Yukika Awazu.

Guest Editorial
Managing knowledge within and across geographic borders: the role of culture (p 145-147)
Yukika Awazu

Managed socialization: how smart companies leverage global knowledge (p 148-157)
Deependra Moitra, Kuldeep Kumar

An analysis of trust among globally distributed work teams in an organizational setting (p 158-168)
Sue Newell, Gary David, Donald Chand

Knowledge creation and transfer in a cross-cultural context – empirical evidence from Tyco Flow Control (p 169-181)
Florian Kohlbacher, Michael O. B. Krähe

Organizational culture and knowledge sharing at the United Nations: using an intranet to create a sense of community (p 182-189)
Linda Stoddart

Elements of innovative cultures (p 190-202)
Caroline Dombrowski, Jeffrey Y. Kim, Kevin C. Desouza, Ashley Braganza, Sridhar Papagari, Peter Baloh, Sanjeev Jha

Knowledge transfer across borders: a process model (p 203-210)
J. Roberto Evaristo

Knowledge management and global cultures: elucidation through an institutional knowledge-flow perspective (p 211-225)
Mark E. Nissen

A research agenda for the relationships between culture and knowledge management (p 226-236)
William R. King

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