Management Learning, 38 (3), 2007 (Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Conference Issue)

[German title: Management Learning, 38 (3), 2007 – Spezialausgabe: OLKC Konferenz]

Special Issue: Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Conference Issue
Guest Editors: Harry Scarbrough, Maxine Robertson, Jacky Swan and Davide Nicolini 

Harry Scarbrough, Maxine Robertson, Jacky Swan, and Davide Nicolini
Introduction: Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Conference Issue  259-263.  

Deborah Dougherty
Trapped in the 20th Century? Why Models of Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Do Not Fit Bio-pharmaceuticals, and What to Do About That  265-270.  

Yrjö Engeström
From Stabilization Knowledge to Possibility Knowledge in Organizational Learning  271-275.   

Elena Antonacopoulou and Ricardo Chiva
The Social Complexity of Organizational Learning: The Dynamics of Learning and Organizing  277-295.

Jason Ferdinand and David Simm
Re-theorizing External Learning: Insights from Economic and Industrial Espionage  297-317.   

Yrjö Engeström, Hannele Kerosuo, and Anu Kajamaa
Beyond Discontinuity: Expansive Organizational Learning Remembered 319-336.   

Juani Swart and Nicholas Kinnie
Simultaneity of Learning Orientations in a Marketing Agency  337-357.  


Monica Kennedy
Review Section: Extended Review Producing Management Knowledge: Research as Practice JAN LÖWSTEDT and TORBJÖRN STJERNBERG (eds). London: Routledge, 2006. 281 pp. £24.99 (pbk). ISBN—13 978—0415384391  359-362.   

Louise Nemanich
Review Section: Manifestos for the Business School of Tomorrow CAMPBELL JONES and DAMIAN O’DOHERTY (eds). Dvalin Books, 2005. 228 pp. ISBN 952-91-8907-9 (pbk)  362-364.  

Carmelo Mazza
Review Section: Learning at Work: Excellent Practice from Best Theory JOHN TAYLOR and ADRIAN FURNHAM. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK: Palgrave MacMillan, 2005. 222 pp. ISBN 1-4039-4574-8  364-366.  

Christopher Yip
Review Section: The Production of Knowledge: The Challenge of Social Science Research WILLIAM H. STARBUCK. New York: Oxford University Press Inc., 2006. 194 pp. ISBN 0199288534  367-371.

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