Managing knowledge (sharing) across the project life-cycle and between different groups

[German title: Wissen (teilen) entlang des Projrktlebenszyklus und zwischen unterschiedlichen Gruppen managen]

Chris J. Ivory, Neil Alderman, Alfred T. Thwaites, Ian P. McLoughlin, Roger Vaughan (2007)
Working around the Barriers to Creating and Sharing Knowledge in Capital Goods Projects: the Client’s Perspective
British Journal of Management, 18 (3), 224–240.

Abstract: The article considers knowledge management issues from the client’s perspective. In the example presented, a sludge treatment centre procured by Northumbrian Water Ltd (NWL), the task faced by the client was to manage knowledge in a context where the core technology being procured was new and resulted in the need for new knowledge to be created and shared both pre- and post-delivery. In exploring these issues, the article reveals the problems of (and some solutions to) managing knowledge across the project life-cycle and between different groups, where the motivation for generating and sharing knowledge was not the same for all participants.

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