Ark-Group’s "Next Generation Knowledge Management" Series, Volume 2

[German title: Ark-Group’s Schriftenreihe “Next Generation Knowledge Management”, Band 2]

Ash, J. (Ed.): Next Generation Knowledge Management. Volume 2. London: Ark Group, 2007. 250 p., ISBN: 0-9554867-1-8

Abstract: This 250 page report looks to answer the key questions surrounding the ownership of knowledge and knowledge management within the organisation. Featuring key contributions from:

  • David Snowden,
  • Steve Barth,
  • Robert H. Buckman,
  • David Gurteen,
  • Patti Anklam,
  • Carl Frappaolo,
  • Jerry Ash,
  • Megan Santosus,
  • Verna Allee,
  • Nancy Dixon,
  • Rob Lebow,
  • Nick Milton.

The 2nd volume in this indispensable new series of reports continues to separates KM myth (and hype) from the reality, detailing the thoughts of these leading KM gurus, and presenting their theories in a highly practical context. With positive and realistic perspectives, this unique report illustrates the theories and practices that enterprises must understand if they are to be successful in acquiring and exploiting knowledge management. Areas covered include:

  • Comparing, contrasting, connecting corporate and personal KM;
  • The road from command and control to knowledge sharing;
  • Interpersonal knowledge management (IPKM);
  • Social network analysis and social software;
  • Seven steps to personal knowledge management;
  • How do we know knowledge works;
  • Relationship of CRM and other disciplines to KM;
  • Knowledge networks and value creation;
  • The creation and reuse of project knowledge;
  • Achieving accountability through shared values;
  • New roles for top and middle managers;
  • Increasing performance through knowledge;
  • Defining and organising communities of practice.

Next Generation Knowledge Management, volume two draws together feedback from thousands of interviews and meetings with those people currently facing, and engaging with, the challenge of KM. Presenting their combined experience in a highly practical reference source this report is essential reading for you and your organisation. The first volume of this vital new series for organisations and professionals involved in knowledge management quickly sold out and we expect demand for volume two to reach similar levels…

The Next Generation Knowledge Management series is a unique, uncompromising examination of the practical considerations that influence the success of knowledge management in a corporate context – from dealing with cultural issues and securing senior-management support, to selecting the most appropriate KM tools and maximising the return on your investment.

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