Ark Group’s "Next Generation Knowledge Management" Series, Volume 3

[German title: Ark Group’s Schriftenreihe “Next Generation Knowledge Management”, Band 3]

Ash, J. (Ed.): Next Generation Knowledge Management. Volume 3. London: Ark Group, 2007. 290 p., ISBN: 978-1-906355-00-5

Abstract: This report focuses on nine knowledge professionals and the environments that allowed them to launch and manage some of the most exceptional knowledge based initiatives in the world.
The report is packed with creative ideas, theories, known practices and solutions applied with the expectations of:

  • Solving problems,
  • Improving performance,
  • Staying competitive,
  • Keeping abreast of new opportunities,
  • Knowing what is known and not known,
  • Thinking differently,
  • Innovating,
  • Assuring profitability and sustainability in a rapidly changing world.

Next Generation Knowledge Management – Volume Three constantly focuses on the practical side; all the documented successful initiatives are characterised by being focused on the work, processes, solutions, products, services, competitiveness and serviceability associated with the organisations involved.
These personal accounts and case studies reveal the real needs and real opportunities available for the organisations, establishing proof and sustainability for KM including outcomes, stories, testimonials and even metrics.

Contributors include:

  • Stan Garfield, worldwide consulting and integration knowledge management leader, Hewlett-Packard;
  • Raj Datta, general manager, knowledge management, MindTree Consulting;
  • Arthur Shelley, knowledge manager, Cadbury Global Schweppes Science and Technology;
  • Tom Barfield, capability development/global knowledge management leader, Accenture;
  • Gary Cullen, ikonnect facilitator, Lend Lease Corporation;
  • Melissie Rumizen, KM maven, Buckman Labs and SAIC;
  • Scott W. Shaffar, director, knowledge management, Northrop Grumman;
  • Doug Madgic, knowledge management programme leader, Cisco Systems;
  • Michael Behounek, director of knowledge management, Halliburton.

This highly practical new report shows how different organisations have approached similar problems, providing you with clear and varied examples of potential solutions to your own KM problems.

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