Call for Book Proposals: AKMR Book Series

[German title: Aufruf für Buch-Vorschläge: AKMR Schriftenreihe]

Advances in Knowledge Management Research (AKMR) Book Series
Call for Authored/Edited Book Proposals

Publisher: Idea Group Incorporated (IGI)

Editorial Review Board:


  • Murray E. Jennex, San Diego State University, USA

Associate Editors

  • Hind Benbya, Montpellier Business School, France
  • Alexandra Durcikova, University of Arizona, USA
  • K.D. Joshi, Washington State University, USA
  • Stefan Smolnik, European Business School, Germany
  • Suzanne Zyngier, Monash University, Australia

International Editorial Review Board

  • TBA



Prospective authors are invited to submit proposals for possible edited/authored volumes in the Advances in Knowledge Management Research (AKMR) Book Series.  The primary objective of the AKMR is to provide an international forum for researchers and practitioners to advance the knowledge and practice of all facets of knowledge management.


Among topics to be included (but not limited) are the following:

  • Cognitive theories of knowledge management and organizational memory
  • Basic theories associated with knowledge creation, knowledge management, and organizational memory
  • Use of semantic networks, topic maps, the Internet, digital documents, XML, taxonomies, ontologies, and other technologies to implement knowledge management systems
  • Organizational culture impacts on knowledge management
  • Design of information and communication systems that facilitate knowledge transfer and sharing.
  • Enablers and inhibitors of knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer behaviors.
  • Knowledge transfer and sharing behaviors within emergent organizational forms such as virtual communities.
  • Knowledge reuse in organizations.
  • Organizational and economic incentive structures for knowledge sharing and use.
  • Knowledge acquisition and transfer processes
  • Case studies of knowledge management and organizational memory systems
  • Metrics and effectiveness of knowledge management/organizationalmemory systems
  • Knowledge management in small and medium enterprises
  • Methodologies and processes for developing Knowledge Management Systems
  • Global issues in knowledge management and organizational memory
  • Knowledge management strategy
  • Issues related to the capture, storage, search, retrieval, and use of knowledge and organizational memory
  • Organizational Learning
  • Organizational Memory
  • Knowledge management security
  • Knowledge modeling
  • Knowledge management and innovation and/or change management


Prospective authors should note that only original and previously unpublished manuscripts will be considered. Edited books usually contain approximately 15-20 comprehensive chapters of 7,000-10,000 words each.
All proposal submissions will be forwarded to members of the Editorial Review Board of the Advances Series for peer review. Final decision regarding acceptance/revision/rejection will be based on the reviews and assessment of the publisher, Idea Group Inc (IGI). All submissions must be forwarded electronically to ****** NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 5, 2007 ******


Your (5-10 page) prospectus should include:

TITLES: 3-5 suggested titles

  1. A SYNOPSIS of your proposed publication, including a concise DEFINITION of the subject area
  2. INTRODUCTION: An introduction to the subject area
  3. OBJECTIVES: Overall objectives and mission
  4. 5-10 INDEXING KEYWORDS for your proposed subject area
  5. CONTRIBUTION AND SCHOLARLY VALUE: Novel input to the topic field
  6. PURPOSE AND POTENTIAL IMPACT on field of research
  7. AUDIENCE: Projected audience
  8. POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Readers will gain from your proposed publication
  9. EXISTING COMPETING PUBLICATIONS: Existing publications (competitors) and those publications’ advantages and disadvantages
  10. CONTENTS: Tentative table of contents
  11. PROJECTED TOTAL PAGE/WORD COUNT for proposed publication
  12. TIMETABLE: Tentative timetable for the entire project
  13. CONTACT INFORMATION: Mailing address, phone, fax and e-mail of editor(s)
  14. CURRICULUM VITAE: A copy of your CV listing your education and publication records

Murray E. Jennex
Advances in Knowledge Management Research (AKMR) Book Series

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