Chief Learning Officer Magazine, 8/2007


Learning Solutions
Compliance Training: Check the Box or Buckle Up?
Jim Haudan and Rich Berens
As new corporate laws spring up at a steady clip, it’s easy for companies to complete compliance training as quickly as possible, with little thought given to its intent. It’s up to learning leaders to ensure compliance isn’t a charade but an important, behavior-changing process.

Learning from Key Learning Indicators
Chris Moore
Like all business managers, learning leaders need indicators to advise them on their progress toward accomplishing their path to success. Chief learning officers use seven key indicators to measure and monitor the success of their initiatives.

Growing a Viable LMS Governance Model
Heidi Spirgi and Andrew Gebavi
As a result of the decentralized nature of the learning function, LMS decision making is either distributed across far-flung learning managers with little to no communication, or it falls to the corporate learning department alone. Either model can be disastrous.

Human Capital
Building Learning Teams
Roger R. Pearman
Managers often are quick to build teams when faced with a project or a problem to solve. But in many cases, these teams are formed without considering the ultimate goals, who should be on the team or if a team is even necessary.

The New Corporate University: Global Impact on Learning and Development
Lyn C. Maize and Joseph Daniel McCool
As companies become increasingly globalized, a new form of corporate university has emerged. Multilingual, always available and fully integrated, this new institution combines formal and informal learning, development, performance management and performance support.


CLO Profile
Steelcase University’s George Wolfe: Promoting the True Value of Learning
Kellye Whitney
Steelcase is one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in the world, and it offers a portfolio of solutions to address interior architecture, furniture and technology. According to George Wolfe, Ph.D., vice president of global learning and development, learning was the key differentiator that helped the company ascend to its current status.

Case Study
Whirlpool Corp.: Learning Grows with the Business
Brian Summerfield
Last year, Whirlpool Corp., the largest appliance provider in the United States, acquired Maytag, the third-largest, making a powerhouse in this sector even stronger. It was up to Whirlpool’s learning and development department to get thousands of incoming employees, especially sales associates, up to speed on their new employer’s products, processes and values.

Business Intelligence
Learning Cultures Differentiate Success: Lessons from Employee Opinion Surveys
Patrick Kulesa
Leaders at all levels want to develop and retain talent while providing a learning environment that is truly enriching for all employees. Through employee opinion surveys, organizations can gain insight into a learning culture’s key differentiators.


The Application of Virtual Worlds for Learning
Nick van Dam, Ph.D.

Sample a Smidgen of Informal Learning
Jay Cross

Taking the Lead
Aligning Human Resource Development for Greater Relevance
Richard Y. Chang, Ph.D.

Best Practices
The Emergence of Talent-Driven Learning
Josh Bersin

In Conclusion
Web 2.0 Meets the New-Age Professional
Jeanne C. Meister


Editor’s Letter
Being First is a Blast


Governing Associate Development at Luxottica Retail

Integrating Integrity:
Strategic Compliance Training at AOL

Burson-Marsteller University:
Educational Evolution

Cash America:
The Meaning Behind the Metrics

Team Architecture:
Seven Steps


Original Feature:
Inserting Learning Into the Work-Life Balance Equation
Jim Bird

Until learning becomes the major contributor to the work-life strategy, organizations will continue to flounder when dealing with the most important productivity, recruiting and retention issue affecting every generation in the workforce.

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