Industrial Management & Data Systems, 107 (8), 2007 – interesting articles

[German title: Industrial Management & Data Systems, 107 (8), 2007 – interessante Artikel]

A knowledge integration framework for complex network management  
Xiangyang Li, Charu Chandra (pp. 1089-1109) 
Keywords: Computer networks, Information systems, Risk management, Supply chain management 
ArticleType:Research paper

Abstract: Purpose – Large supply and computer networks contain heterogeneous information and correlation among their components, and are distributed across a large geographical region. This paper aims to investigate and develop a generic knowledge integration framework that can handle the challenges posed in complex network management. It also seeks to examine this framework in various applications of essential management tasks in different infrastructures.

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Cross-generational knowledge flows in edge organizations  
Jay Liebowitz, Nirmala Ayyavoo, Hang Nguyen, Deborah Carran, James Simien (pp. 1123-1153) 
Keywords: Knowledge management, Knowledge transfer, Organizational culture, Tacit knowledge 
ArticleType:Research paper 

Abstract: Purpose – This paper seeks to investigate how cross-generational biases affect tacit knowledge transfer and resulting knowledge flows in edge organizations.

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