Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 18 (4), 2007 (Special: Knowledge discovery)

[German title: Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 18 (4), 2007 – Sonderausgabe: Wissenserschließung]

Special Issue on Knowledge Discovery for Manufacturing Enterprises; Guest Editor: Kesheng Wang

Guest Editorial
Special issue: Knowledge discovery for manufacturing enterprises  449-450
Kesheng Wang
Agent based approach for organization and personal knowledge modelling: knowledge management perspective   451-457
Janis Grundspenkis
Toward European knowledge enterprises   459-466 
Wladimir Bodrow
Knowledge based manufacturing system (KBMS)   467-474
Gideon Halevi und Kesheng Wang
Implications from customer behavior for manufacturing   475-478
Stephan Kassel und Claudia Tittmann
ICT-supported knowledge representation for development of routines in industry   479-485
Ove Rustung Hjelmervik und Kesheng Wang
Applying data mining to manufacturing: the nature and implications   487-495
Kesheng Wang
DSM as a knowledge capture tool in CODE environment   497-504
Syed A. Sharif und Berman Kayis
Combining data mining and Game Theory in manufacturing strategy analysis   505-511
Yi Wang
Customer segmentation based on survival character   513-517
Yun Chen, Guozheng Zhang, Dengfeng Hu und Chuan Fu

Approach for a rule based system for capturing and usage of knowledge in the manufacturing industry   519-526
Alexander Mahl und Robert Krikler

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