KMPro Journal, 4 (1), 2007

  • EDITOR: From the Editor’s Desk
  • ABOUT KMPro: Update on Membership Growth, New Programs and New Member Benefits
  • KM IN ACTION: Tacit Knowledge, Does it Matter
  • KM THEORY: Theoretical Comments to the Dissemination and Adoption of KM Practices Behavioral Model
  • WORDS OF WISDOM – OPINION: Information Hiatus
  • BOOK EXTRACT: John Girard –Organize What?
  • KM PH.D. CANDIDATE’S PAPER: Conclusion — Impact of Structure in Explicit Knowledge Transfer and Recall
  • KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: Who Benefits from the Knowledge of Oenologists?
  • ORGANIZATIONAL KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: Using Social Network Analysis to Mobilize Organizational Knowledge Transfer

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© Copyright 2007 Knowledge Management Professional Society, Inc. (KMPro)

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