KnowGenesis IJTC, 2 (3), 2007 – interesting articles

[German title: KnowGenesis IJTC, 2 (3), 2007 – interessante Artikel]

Knowledge Discovery: New Ground, New Challenges  4   
Saurabh Kudesia

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Panel Discussion
Knowledge Audit: Is it Necessary for Your Organization?  8-13  
Ginu George

Abstract: Recently KnowGenesis IJTC invited several experts to share their views on various dimensions of the knowledge audit (KA) process, and how organizations can use this tool to achieve organizational objectives. During the discussion, participants analyzed the pre-requisites, advantages, and process of the knowledge audit. This article presents a summarized version of the issues discussed.

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Architecture of Business-Oriented Organizational Memory  37-41  
Dr. Mahmoud Brahimi, Prof. Laid Bouzidi

Abstract: … This paper attempts to find the answers to questions like, what knowledge is linked to the business process? What contribution do organizational memories make to process execution? How do we think about the links among different types of knowledge? What generic architectures can we envision for organizational memory building?

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The Impact of Human Resources on Knowledge Management in the Corporate Sector  42-47  
Pankaj Kumar, Jaya Kalra

Abstract: … HR and KM are essentially business-oriented, concerned with the management of people in order to obtain added value from them, and thus achieve competitive advantage. It is a deliberate strategy for the acquisition, improvement, and preservation of the corporate sector through the KM process, and is aimed at coordinating the requirements and availability of different types of employees. In this article we focus on the knowledge evolution cycle, strategy, and the initiative in HR as they pertain to knowledge management. Knowledge is seen as power, and in a competitive environment there could be a tendency to hoard knowledge. The key to the success of KM is the creation of a Knowledge Sharing culture and the elimination of organizational and cultural barriers to communication. We should move from the “hoarding of knowledge to gain power” to the “sharing of knowledge to gain power.”

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