Mobile electronic health record systems to assist doctors and caregivers

[German title: Mobile elektronische Datensatzsysteme, die Ärzte und Pfleger unterstützen]

Mobile case-based decision support for intelligent patient knowledge management
Dympna O’Sullivan, Eoin McLoughlin, Michela Bertolotto, David C. Wilson
Health Informatics Journal, Vol. 13, No. 3, 179-193 (2007)

Abstract: Hospitals everywhere are integrating health data using electronic health record (EHR) systems, and disparate and multimedia patient data can be input by different caregivers at different locations as encapsulated patient profiles. Healthcare institutions are also using the flexibility and speed of wireless computing to improve quality and reduce costs. We are developing a mobile application that allows doctors to efficiently record and access complete and accurate real-time patient information. The system integrates medical imagery with textual patient profiles as well as expert interactions by healthcare personnel using knowledge management and case-based reasoning techniques. The application can assist other caregivers in searching large repositories of previous patient cases. Patients’ symptoms can be input to a portable device and the application can quickly retrieve similar profiles which can be used to support effective diagnoses and prognoses by comparing symptoms, treatments, diagnosis, test results and other patient information.

Key Words: clinical decision support • information retrieval • medical image management • knowledge sharing • knowledge management

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