[Conference] Call for Papers: OLKC 2008, April, 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark

[German title: [Konferenz] Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: OLKC 2008, April, 2008, Kopenhagen, Dänemark]

OLKC 2008 – International Conference on Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities, 28-30 April, 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark

Submission deadline for 800 word abstract: 15 October, 2007

Call for papers

Building on prior conferences, the theme of the 2008 OLKC conference is

The Many Senses of Organisational Learning and Knowing

Through organizing the conference under this theme we want to invite participants to think in many ways about organizational learning and knowing. These could be for example how role-plays, theatre, games, conversations, and story-telling with or without technology can further organizational learning and knowing. But we also want to invite scholars to contribute to the debates about content, concepts and pedagogies of organizational learning and knowing; critical perspectives on these matters are much appreciated. The theme, however, carries double meaning. We mean to inspire participants to think of organizational learning and knowing as talking to more senses than just, what appeals to cognition as traditionally understood. In other words, we would also like to see papers dealing with emotional, aesthetic, relational and ethical as well as temporal issues of organizational learning and knowing.

The spirit of the conference is analogous to the spirit behind the double meaning of the term sense. We would like to create a conference in which multiple voices are able to find a space and to talk with each other. Through this multiplicity we wish to support a conference that is both able to adhere to the past and the rich tradition upon which the OLKC conferences rest, and to look into the future for new inspiration to develop further the field of organizational learning and knowing.

We invite papers that are both theoretical and empirical, but also papers that take up an experimental mode of writing papers for conferences like for example a play or a game, and we also want to encourage presentational formats that explore alternate senses, e.g. media and visual arts-based, poetry and drama. The important issue when submitting papers to OLKC 2008 is to clearly communicate how the paper informs the field and help further its development.

PhD Workshop
A one day pre-conference PhD workshop will be held April 27-28 under the theme of “How to get published” and will provide an opportunity for PhD candidates to interact with experienced scholars. Email chairperson for the PhD workshop, Professor Russ Vince, University of Bath, UK, for more information.

Dedicated Issue of Management Learning
Best papers from the conference will be eligible for publication in an issue of Management Learning.

Submission of Abstracts and Proposals:

  • Submission deadline for 800 word abstract: 15 October, 2007
    Submit by following this link
  • Authors will be advised of their paper’s status in December 2007
  • Full papers of 5,000 to 7,000 words due March 2008

For further information go to the conference website.


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