Social network analysis as a tool for human resource development knowledge management

[German title: Analyse sozialer Netzwerke als Instrument des Wissensmanagements bei der Personalentwicklung]

Knowledge Management and Human Resource Development: An Application in Social Network Analysis Methods
Salvatore Parise
Advances in Developing Human Resources, Vol. 9, No. 3, 359-383 (2007)

Abstract: The problem and the solution. This article describes how social network analysis (SNA) can contribute to the knowledge management (KM) efforts of human resource development (HRD) professionals in organizations today.The suggested contributions of SNA are based on primary research conducted across more than 80 organizations. The author first provides an introduction to the people-to-people strategy of today’s KM efforts.A detailed look at some common HRD challenges is introduced. Next, an introduction to SNA metrics and techniques is given, and a description of how they can be used to help understand HRD challenges is outlined. The author then provides three cases to illustrate how SNA can aid HRD analysis and interventions involving (a) knowledge creation and innovation, (b) knowledge transfer and retention, and (c) knowledge associated with job succession planning. The author concludes by discussing the implications for HRD of utilizing SNA in the organization.

Key Words: social network analysis • knowledge management • HRD • innovation

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