Survey on Knowledge Management Spending for 2008

[German title: Umfrage zu Ausgaben für Wissensmanagement in 2008]

Jim Murphy, Jennifer Hackbush
The Knowledge Management Spending Report, 2007–2008—The Market Hits $73B. 97 pages
AMR Research, 2007

Abstract: Our 2007–2008 spending study, based on a survey deployed to 350 enterprise technology decision makers in the United States and Europe, indicates record-level activity in knowledge management, content management, navigation, search, and retrieval, and collaboration tools and platforms.

This report provides targeted marketing and competitive information on key application markets of Knowledge Management Software. The report lists the top 50 to 100 vendors as well as their revenue, growth, and market share. It also segments them by vertical expertise, customer size, and geography. It also shows the preferred operating systems and databases of these vendor’s customers.
This report is useful in answering the following questions:

  • How big is the existing/future market?
  • Who are the significant vendors that participate in this market?
  • Where are growth opportunities in the market: midtier versus large, industries, geographies?

Generic Keywords: application spending, enterprise software research, information technology research, IT analysis, IT research, business integration, outsourcing, cost of outsourcing, IT spending, IT investment, market forecast, quantitative research, global application market, pharmaceutical, discrete manufacturing

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Survey on Knowledge Management Spending for 2008 — 1 Comment

  1. Corresponding press release:

    AMR Research Finds Spending on Knowledge Management Will Hit $73B in 2007
    Maura McGreevy
    AMR Research, Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    Market to See 16% Growth in 2008

    According to a report released today by AMR Research, U.S. companies will spend $73B on knowledge management software in 2007, and spending will grow nearly 16% to an average of $1,224 per employee in 2008.

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