ICFAI Journal of Knowledge Management, 5/2007

Specific Intangible Assets in the Air Transportation Sector: A Theoretical Construct for Their Identification and Valuation — Ilídio Tomás Lopes and Ana Maria Gomes Rodrigues

Knowledge Management in Local Economic Environments: Proposal for a Management Tool — Manuel Expósito-Langa, Josep Capó-Vicedo and José V Tomás-Miquel

Knowledge Sharing: A Study of Social Dimensions for Organizational Effectiveness — Shradha Nain

Knowledge Sharing in Software Organizations — Manjula P S and Srinivasan P T

Value Added by Intellectual Capital: A Study of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry — G Bharathi Kamath

Knowledge Management: A Key to Innovate and Forge Ahead — Padma Srinivasan

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