Two ways groups can address information that is unavailable

[German title: Zwei Wege wie Gruppen mit nicht verfügbaren Informationen umgehen können]

Do Groups Know What They Don’t Know? Dealing With Missing Information in Decision-Making Groups
David Dryden Henningsen and Mary Lynn Miller Henningsen
Communication Research, Vol. 34, No. 5, 507-525 (2007)

Abstract: Although scholars have examined how individuals deal with information that is unavailable on decision-making tasks, little research has explored how groups deal with missing information. The present study proposes two ways groups can address information that is unavailable: by employing a diminished information set or by inferring the value of missing information. Both of these approaches are tested using an information sharing task. Groups are compared with information unavailable to any member, available but unshared among group members (i.e., hidden profile), and available and shared among all group members. Evidence indicates that group members may utilize both strategies to deal with missing information.

Key Words: group decision making • hidden profile • information pooling • missing information • shared information • unshared information

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