A paradigm for companies wishing to create new knowledge!?

[German title: Ein Paradigma für Unternehmen, die neues Wissen entwickeln wollen!?]

Kodama, M.
Knowledge Innovation. Strategic Management as Practice.
Edward Elgar, 2007. 264 p., ISBN: 978 1 84542 929 4 (hkb)

Abstract: This unique book unveils an invaluable paradigm for companies wishing to create new knowledge. Mitsuru Kodama’s new theoretical framework is achieved using a combination of approaches including knowledge sharing, knowledge integration, strategy, organization, corporate culture and leadership.
The author presents his new theoretical framework using two models which demonstrate the means for actors both within and outside the company to formulate and implement micro strategies through the structure of dynamic strategic human networks. Detailed case studies are then used to support the theoretical framework. These include specific applications of knowledge innovation from networked strategic communities including large corporations, joint ventures, customer-oriented solution businesses and IT-based management. Research and managerial implications arising from these theoretical frameworks are also explored.
Bridging theory and practice and providing international scope, this book will be invaluable to academics and students with an interest in business and management, and to managers in the IT, telecommunications, and electronics industries.

Author: Mitsuru Kodama, Professor of Information and Management, College of Commerce and Graduate School of Business Administration, Nihon University, Japan

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