Accounting for different types of tacit knowledge!

[German title: Unterschiedliche Arten von stillem Wissen beachten!]

Margherita Balconi, Andrea Pozzali and Riccardo Viale
The “codification debate” revisited: a conceptual framework to analyze the role of tacit knowledge in economics
Industrial and Corporate Change, 2007 16(5):823-849

Abstract: In the last years, a “codification debate” has developed among economists concerning the meaning and the empirical relevance of “tacit knowledge.” As this debate seems to have reached an impasse, we suggest a solution to take it a step further that is based on a more precise definition of “tacit knowledge” and a clear conceptualization of codification. Moreover, as different types of tacit knowledge can be characterized, we also proceed to demonstrate that the issue of codifiability cannot be adequately addressed without accounting for these differences.

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