[Conference] Call for presentations: APQC’s 13. Knowledge Management Conference, May 2008, Chicago, IL, USA

[German title: Aufruf für Präsentations-Beiträge: APQC’s 13. Knowledge Management Conference, Mai 2008, Chicago, IL, USA]

APQC’s 13th Annual Knowledge Management Conference: “The New Edge in KM”, May 1-2, 2008, InterContinental Hotel, Chicago, IL  60611

Deadline to submit presentation abstracts is Monday, Nov. 12.

The New Edge in KM

In a world where knowledge is the key to growth, innovation, and effectiveness (for individuals and organizations), knowledge management provides a hotbed of new approaches and new issues. For example, in a world of wikis, what does it mean to be an expert? If global warming is top-of-mind for many executives, what does KM have to offer? If virtual project work is the norm, how do you find people with expertise and build teams? If agility is critical, how can KM enable more rapid change? The answers to these questions open a world of new opportunity for KM. This conference will showcase the leading organizations and people exploring the new edge in KM.

Examples of presentation topics include but are not limited to:

  • New Technologies for Social Computing and Knowledge Sharing
  • New Ways of Working and Collaboration
  • Engaging Leaders at All Levels and Driving Change
  • Linking KM to Strategic Issues

Conference goals include:

  • Link KM to the strategic issues that matter in organizations today
  • Showcase KM success stories and lessons learned from the leading edge of KM
  • Provide a forum for the most practical, important, and innovative people in KM to share and learn
  • Support accelerated KM learning through outstanding sessions and intensive and structured networking
  • Present actionable advice on KM tools, techniques, and methodologies
  • Share APQC’s newest research on best practices in KM
  • Discover emerging issues and opportunities in KM

If you have any questions or need further information, contact Debbie Norman dnorman@apqc.org. For further Information also go to the website of the call.


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