Chief Learning Officer Mgazine, 10/2007


Learning’s Role in Talent Management
by Michael E. Echols, Ph.D.

Connecting the Dots: Recognizing Talent Development Differences at Nonprofits
by Jen Danesis and Megan Zeiger

Elements of Social Media Arrive on the Learning Scene
by Bryan Menell

Leveraging Business Data to Develop Strategic Learning Solutions
by Ajay M. Pangarkar and Teresa Kirkwood

Operationalizing Communities of Practice
by Michael Dreikorn


Working Through Corporate and Higher-Education Partnerships
by Alan Todd and Raj Ramachandran

Run It Like You Own It: Learning and Leadership at Wells Fargo
by Tegan Jones

Closure, Layoffs and Learning: A Look at First Allmerica Financial’s Life Division
by Maya Townsend

Maimonides Medical Center’s Kathryn Kaplan: Weaving a Culture for Institutional Leadership
by Kellye Whitney


Best Practices – Josh Bersin
The New Chief Learning Officer
by Josh Bersin

Effectiveness – Jay Cross
Don’t Call Them Trainees
by Jay Cross

Guest Editorial
The Learning Organization Meets the Long Tail (Part 2)
by Dennis Kilian

In Conclusion – Jeanne C. Meister
Social Networking Meets Corporate Learning
by Jeanne C. Meister

Taking the Lead – Richard Y. Chang
From Stalled to Breakthrough Transformations
by Richard Y. Chang, Ph.D.

Trends – Nick Van Dam, Ph. D.
How the iPhone Will Shape the Future of (Mobile) Learning
by Nick Van Dam

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