Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, 6 (3), 2007

Applying Sense-Making and Narrative Techniques to Capture Lessons Learnt  165 – 171 
Bonnie Cheuk

The Need for Knowledge Management in the Malaysian Film Industry: A Case Study  173 – 180 
Vimala Perumal; Peter Charles Woods

Using Latent Semantic Indexing to Improve the Accuracy of Document Clustering  181 – 188 
Jiaming Zhan; Han Tong Loh

The Role of Intellectual Capital in Mexican Family-Based Businesses: Understanding their Soul, Brain and Heart  189 – 200 
Rosa Nelly Trevinyo-Rodríguez; Nick Bontis

Application of Data Mining Techniques for Proper Design of Knowledge Repository   201 – 209 
M. Z. Anis; A. Mukherjee; B. K. Roy

Organisational Learning: Conceptual Links to Individual Learning, Learning Organisation and Knowledge Management  211 – 217   
Siu Loon Hoe

A Survey of Knowledge Management Adoption in Public Administration  219 – 230 
Meliha Handzic; Amila Lagumdzija; Amer Celjo
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