Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 5 (3), 2007

John S Edwards 159-160

Challenges to knowledge sharing across national and intra-organizational boundaries: case studies of IKEA and SCA Packaging
Anna Jonsson and Thomas Kalling 161-172

Ethnicity-based cultural differences in implicit managerial knowledge usage in three Australian organizations
Debbie Richards, Peter Busch and Krishna Venkitachalam 173-185

The impact of rewards within communities of practice: a study of the SAP online global community
Richard Fahey, Ana C Vasconcelos and David Ellis 186-198

Trust as an antecedent to knowledge sharing in virtual communities of practice
Abel Usoro, Mark W Sharratt, Eric Tsui and Sandhya Shekhar 199-212

The knowledge audit: Meta-Matrix analysis
Ronald Dattero, Stuart D Galup and Jing ‘Jim’ Quan 213-221

Philosophers and Knowledge Management

Type and token, schema and actualisation: hierarchies of knowledge
Heiner Müller-Merbach 222-223

Book Review

Knowledge innovation: strategic management as practice
John S Edwards 224-225

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